Should Students Have a LinkedIn Account?

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Should Students Have a LinkedIn Account? LinkedIn is often seen as the social networking  for professionals. And while it’s true that the platform is mainly used for professional networking, it would be a mistake to think that you can’t make it work for you as a student. Not only can it be an invaluable resource but it also allows you to put certain professional fundamentals in place ahead of your time when you graduate from your education years to career years.

In this article we take a look at 5 good reasons why you should be using LinkedIn as a student:


If you think of yourself as a brand then LinkedIn is a great  platform for you to build your professional brand. Start to create your brand by listing what you are studying, what part-time jobs you have had, what internships you’ve taken, what college societies you’re active in, what have your academic achievements been, what causes have you volunteered for, what research or thesis are you currently undertaking, etc. Updating LinkedIn in this way is a great way to keep a record of who you are and list those achievements that maybe won’t make it onto a future CV but may very well be of interest to an employee to get a clearer picture of who you are, what you have done and the skillsets you have accrued.


College is the perfect time to start building those all-important connections and it is the place where you will be exposed to great people from a wide variety of fields and disciplines. Who knows what some of your fellow students will go on to achieve and maybe the connections you make with them now will be to your advantage in the future. Also you may get a chance to connect with professionals, maybe meeting leading figures in industry through a college essay or thesis. So start now and connect with people that can recommend you or recognize your work. These are important steps to take in advance of entering the professional market after college.


Having a LinkedIn account as a student is a great base set-up for you when it comes to embarking upon your journey into the professional world. It demonstrates that you are dedicated to pursuing a career and that you are thinking ahead about your profession and the path you are taking in life. LinkedIn is also a tremendous platform for showcasing your skills and building up networking acquaintances that make your profile look impressive to prospective employers.


LinkedIn is a great way to keep abreast of what’s happening in industry? Whatever is your area of study you van keep informed of all the top players and trends/ You could follow companies, groups or trendsetters on LinkedIn to keep abreast of what’s happening in your respective industry.

Also when it comes to applying for a job, LinkedIn is the perfect place for you to do your research on the company you are looking to work for. Not only will you get the inside info on the company and see if it is a fit for you, you can also do your homework on the company and be primed when it comes time to be interviewed and show yourself in the best light. 

Job Candidate

These days when you apply for a job, it’s usually the case that your prospective employer will search the Internet for information about you. So when you leave college and start looking for your first job, rather than have just your personal social media accounts available, it’s much more impressive if they see that you have taken the time to build a social media profile that reflects your professional journey rather than the personal one we all tend to display on Facebook & Instagram, etc. Companies can easily find you on LinkedIn and it gives you the perfect opportunity to provide them with the information they need to know you in a professional manner.





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  1. Enda McDonagh 25th November 2022 at 11:50 am

    Thanks for this article that is very helpful. I am a Digital Literacy teacher at second level. I am currently teaching 6th year students to set up a good digital professional profile as early as possible (personal blog, website etc.)

    Would you consider that pre-college age is a good time or too early to set up a working LinkedIn account (i.e. pre-college?)

    Many thanks,
    Enda McDonagh

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