Questions You Can Ask at Education Fairs

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A virtual education fair is a great opportunity for prospective students to speak directly to a number of colleges and higher education institutions before committing to their third-level path. So, how can you make the most of this opportunity? We offer a few ideas and areas to help you to ask questions at education fairs to schools and colleges and course representatives to help you make the right choice.


It’s important not to waste this opportunity so be sure that ahead of the event you do your research on the institutes you want to speak to at the fair. Doing this ensures that you can make the most of your time with higher education representatives, knowing the questions you need answers for and not asking questions that are already answered on the college/school website.

Questions You Can ask at Education Fairs

Zero in

The information on a higher education institute website can sometimes be quite general so if there’s something of particular interest about the college or its courses, this is a great opportunity to learn more and  ask the university representatives to elaborate on it. 


Also if there’s something on the higher education institute website you don’t understand, you can ask questions to clarify your understanding and get answers.


As well as providing you with essential information, this also shows that you have done your homework in researching the college and their courses.This always comes across well to educators and puts you in good stead as a good fit for the higher education institute.

More than points

CAO students on courses are there because of their points but it’s always a good idea to ask college recruiters what type of students do their courses attract. Maybe ask are there certain qualities beyond points that students who have excelled at the course have demonstrated and see if that sounds like you. Of course you want to excel in your studies so look into what the university’s experience of excellent students is.


Speaking of former students, an open day / online fair is a great opportunity to  ask university/college representatives about their alumni. 


Perhaps you’d like to find out how many go on to postgraduate studies and in what areas. Is there a particular area that you are interested in that the higher education institute would encourage you to pursue.


You should also ask what career services the college / institute offers and the networking opportunities that the courses provide to help you on your transition from education to employment


You can also use this time to ask about career prospects. Ask about the areas of employment that graduates of the courses commonly end up in. Maybe there’s an area you have a particular interest in – ask about that and whether that is a usual pathway.


Maybe ask if you can reach out to previous graduates and ask them about their journey from the course into a career.  Sometimes you may actually be able to meet student ambassadors and alumni at the fair. Take the opportunity to get first-hand information about their study experiences and journey since then. 

Questions You Can ask at Education Fairs

Take advantage

Many education fairs not only offer you the chance to speak directly  to universities, but also offer a variety of information and advice sessions from anything to Financial Assistance to How to Study in College to Wellbeing. Make sure you check the full agenda of the fair and book yourself in for these sessions – in most cases this is all free and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get some really great advice from experienced speakers who really know their onions!


Whoever you do speak to, ask them for their contact information. Maybe email them after the fair and thank them for their time and helpful advice. Reiterate your interest in their higher education institute and course. Not only does it show you to be operating at a professional level who knows when those contacts will come in handy!

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