Access to Procurement Framework and Funding to support Hand Hygiene and PPE Needs within Schools

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To ensure access for schools, on a value for money basis, to a secure supply chain for any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Consumables and Equipment associated with COVID-19 Response Plans, the department is in the final stages of establishing a drawdown framework of suppliers of such products, under an emergency procedure.

It is expected that this drawdown framework will be available to schools to access from early August. Under the drawdown framework, schools will be able to choose a supplier from the Framework and the products which best suit their needs at a standard price (with no delivery charges) irrespective of location of the school. It is intended that order from schools will be processed within a very short timeline and delivered directly to schools. Accompanying guidelines to schools on the accessing the framework, and potential volume required by schools (dependent on school size, student numbers and so on) will issue in early August.

All PPE, consumables and equipment requirements of schools under this Roadmap and with schools COVID-19 Response Plans, and in line with the public health advice, will be available through the Framework including:

  • hand sanitiser dispensers
  • hand sanitiser liquid
  • hand soap
  • disposable paper towels
  • push pedal bins
  • wipes
  • gloves
  • face masks
  • face coverings/visors
  • aprons
  • detergents

The funding to cover school costs will be by way of a COVID-19 capitation grant will be issued to schools and will be confirmed with the establishment of the drawdown framework.

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