What is Computer Science?

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Computer science is the study of computers and computational systems.

What is Computer Science?

  • It is the study of algorithms, computer programs, and applications that allow computers to solve problems and perform tasks.
  • Computer scientists design and analyze software, invent new computing technologies, and research how computing can make technological systems safer, more powerful, and more useful.
  • Core topics include computer programming, software engineering, computer architecture, algorithms, databases, artificial intelligence, computer networking, security, and more.
  • Computer scientists study theory and methods for processing information using digital computers. They discover new ways to use computers and develop new computer technologies.
  • It involves a mix of theory and hands-on application. Computer scientists rely on mathematics, engineering, and algorithms to write code and create computer programs.
  • They may program complex software, build databases, ensure networks are secure, or design user interfaces and interactions. Their work powers innovation across industries.
  • It is considered an extremely versatile degree, with computer science skills applicable to roles in areas as diverse as healthcare, finance, entertainment, education, transportation, and more.


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