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What are Train the Trainer courses?

Train the Trainer is a type of course that allows potential trainers to learn the skills and processes of how to teach and train employees in the workplace so that they can gain the relevant skills needed for their organization. These courses are for anyone who wants to become a professional trainer or has a need to train others within another role.

Future trainers gain knowledge and the certification they need to become successful trainers in corporate environments through Train the Trainer courses.

What courses are available?

Universities and colleges in Ireland are offering courses in the following subject areas:

  • Train the Trainer – A study of effective, engaging, memorable training performances and design of training sessions and lesson plans.
  • Training Delivery and Evaluation Course – A course with a focus on training delivery skills and evaluation methods.
  • Training Needs Identification and Design – The study of the Training Cycle, identifying training needs and designing training programmes.
  • Training & Development – The study of Training Needs Identification and Design and Training Delivery and Evaluation.
  • Training and Continuing Education – A focus on high quality, relevant, and widely recognized training.

Taking a Train the Trainer course in college

Train the Trainer courses to focus on students who want to become professional trainers with engaging topics such as the theory of training and adult learning, planning training sessions, managing group dynamics, legislative awareness, and evaluation methods.

There are Train the Trainer course options for full-time, part-time, or online courses so you can fit them into any schedule.

You must attend all days of training and complete all assessment work to gain certification. Aside from written assessments, there may also be a skills demonstration to present what you have learned.

Career option

Train the Trainer courses will prepare you for a career training employees in any industry, learning sector, further and higher education, community centers, or charitable organizations. You will be able to work in the formal or informal sector and do professional, voluntary, or charity work.

You will also be able to train others such as teachers, trainers, lecturers, managers, mentors, or motivational speakers. Trainers monitor training programmes while they are in progress and evaluate them to ensure that the skills, abilities, and ambitions of employees are meeting an organization’s needs for present and future staffing requirements.

The work-life of a Trainer can vary greatly depending on both the role you take and the industry you work in; you may present training sessions to large groups of employees for training purposes. You might need to travel to various locations and branches to meet with employees and oversee training practices.

Working hours will be most typical business hours but you may need to work weekends or after hours if a company schedules training that is not during office hours.

Self-employment and Freelance work may also be possible once you have gained some experience as smaller companies do not always have their training departments and will outsource training when needed.

Related jobs include:

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Staff Trainer
  • Employment & Training Manager
  • Employment & Training Officer
  • Head of Learning and Teaching
  • Head of Training and Professional Development
  • Skills Trainer and Consultant
  • Teaching & Learning Development
  • Training Coordinator

Further study

After completing a Train the Trainer course you may decide to go on to further study in a related field such as Human Resources or Management where your Trainer skills can be used for in-house training and leadership.


What sort of skills or experience do successful trainers need to have?

It is important to be a people person and to be comfortable with public speaking to large groups of people, or one on one.

As a trainer, you should always be prepared to learn new skills and stay up to date with policy and procedure changes or changes to the law. You should be able to work well within a team but also work well on your own and use your initiative.

Where can I take a Train the Trainer course?

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Did You Know?

  • Employees Want More Training – There is often a misconception that employees don’t enjoy training but studies have shown that employees not only enjoy training but ask for it as they would like to improve their skills and increase their knowledge base for better job performance.
  • Ineffectual Training Costs Money – Training is a highly effective way of increasing employee’s productivity if it is done correctly by someone trained to train. Companies need to make use of professional training companies or employ trainers with relevant skills and experience.
  • Training should be customizable – Training should be customized to suit the particular company and staff of the company. Standard training is less effective than customized where training can be styled for the employee’s perspectives and experiences within that company.
  • Training is everything – Many organizations don’t place any value in training believing that staff should learn on the job but this can lead to unhealthy competitiveness and a decrease in job satisfaction that has a direct impact on employee performance. Offer everyone the same tools and watch as they perform better and create a great experience not only for themselves but for their customers too.

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