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The State and other colleges featured in this section generally have an excellent reputation for education, training and equipping students for life in the modern world and workplace. Here are some of the pros and cons involved in taking a third level course with them…

The colleges that are featured in this section of the daycourses. com website are experts with a huge level of knowledge and skills relevant to their particular area. Years of specialisation in their particular fields (whether theology, fishing, hotel management etc. ), means that they have the experience to deliver the necessary standard of education and training that provides their students with excellent career opportunities.

This concentration on one subject area can also be a drawback, however; especially for students who aren’t 100% sure which career path they want to follow. Attending a big university or IT can offer more possibilities for experimenting and discovering other interests and careers which a smaller college can’t provide. Sheer size can be a factor. It is not that one is necessarily better than the other; it is just a case of different institutions suiting different people.

Where specialisation does work well for the student is in terms of facilities available. It is a fair bet to say that the only college in Ireland with a “Scenes of the Crime Room” and a courtroom is the Garda College. More info on particular facilities at each college is through here (link to facilities page). Another thing to consider is that bigger universities and ITs tend to have a wider range of social and sporting facilities, as well as more amenities. However, some of the colleges listed in this section have links with a university, which allows students to use the facilities on the linked university’s campus.

These colleges generally offer very hands-on and work-related course programmes. Some of the colleges have close links with the relevant industry and with government departments, and design their courses to offer practical training in skills that employers are looking for. The Tourism College in Killybegs is a good example of this. Colleges may also offer work placements as a standard part of the educational process.

These colleges can offer a more personalised learning experience than some university programmes. Class sizes are generally smaller, with close interaction between the teaching staff and the student body. Practical work can also involve spending lots of time in the laboratory (or crime scene room) under the watchful eye of lecturers and supervisors. Again speaking generally, assessment is more likely to be continuous and project based, although many of the courses still have exams.

The experience of some colleges can aid the student even after they have finished their studies. Many of these colleges will have built up a very useful amount of knowledge and contacts in the outside world. After graduation students should have the opportunity for a smooth transition into the working world, and a well structured and hassle free career path.

Each of the types of third level institution have their own plus and minus points, and it is really up to the student to consider all of their options and make the decision that suits their particular requirements and circumstances best. What we can say is that the colleges listed in this section of the daycourses. com site offer a very career focused education, which many people use every year to step towards a very successful and rewarding career. is a national database of universities, colleges, institutes and providers of third level and PLC courses in Ireland. We operate a national search database of courses at certificate, diploma and degree level as well as providing information about career paths and directions.


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