Last Minute Advice for Leaving Cert Students

By Steven Galvin - Last update

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With just over a week to go to this year’s Leaving Certificate, we take a quick look at how best to approach your final few days before the exams kick off with some last minute advice for Leaving Cert students.

Last Minute Advice for Leaving Cert Students


Have a plan in place. At this stage you know what you know and the best way to approach your study time is to carefully prioritise what you need to revise. Map out a schedule for each day’s revision. Don’t overdo it. Manage your time and break it up into 20 – 30 minute study intervals. For certain subjects, flashcards can be particularly helpful in revision. For information you need to memorise, practice saying it out loud. And remember to look at those past papers.

Be Active

Don’t get into a rut of studying to the detriment of your physical well-being. Make sure you get out and about and treat yourself to some fresh air everyday – whether you are going for a run or a walk, get out of the house and get active. One of the benefits of exercise is raising endorphins which can help fight the effects of stress and clear out the mental cobwebs and keep you, your body and your mind fresh! 

Eat healthily

Make an effort to eat healthily, eat regular meals and drink lots of water. Avoid snacking on sugary foods as sugar slows down your brain. Eat a diet low in added sugar for better health—and better exam results!


Try to get to bed at the same time every night. Turn off your phone, and get the best night’s sleep you can. Sleep is good for our health and wellbeing so it’s important to get plenty of good sleep. Don’t be tempted to pull any  “all-nighters,” or not sleeping at all, to binge-study. Better exam marks come from better sleep!

Be Positive

Many people find themselves experiencing anxiety ahead of the exams. Try to focus your mind on being positive. Positivity is key to a good Leaving Cert. If you’re struggling to be confident ahead of your exams, just remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Focus on what you have learned and all the efforts you have made. Don’t focus on the negative. It’s impossible to know everything going into an exam! Be mindful of  what you do know and be confident of showing that in your exam. It’s your opportunity to show the work you have done. The last few years have been leading up to the Leaving Cert and now you’re at the finish line. You can do it.

Exam Day

Be prepared! Bring what you need. Pack it the night before. Pens. Calculators. Stationery. Water. Etc. Less to worry about on the day! Give yourself plenty of time – you don’t want to be rushing around on the day. Eat a good breakfast. And when you finally sit down to take the exam, don’t panic. Take a breath. Read all the exam paper first before deciding what to do. Remember you can answer questions in any order, so start with your strongest area and take it from there! 

And remember, no matter what happens, there are lots of options available for the future to take you wherever you want to go in life! Well done!!


Steven Galvin

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