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What is Customer Care, Relations & Services?

Every industry needs customer care and support; customers are the most important part of any business because quite simply without customers there would be no business.

Customer Service Representatives handle customers and everything that a customer needs – from the concerns or problems customers may have to assist customers using products and services or deciding which products and services to purchase. Customer Service Representatives are often the first point of contact that a customer or client has with a business, especially in industries such as hospitality and retail, so it is very important to have good, well-trained staff representing an organization.

What courses are available?

Universities and colleges in Ireland are offering courses in the following subject areas:

  • Public Relations – A study of Public Relation practices and techniques such as speaking in public, creating press releases, and promotional events.
  • Customer Service Training– A short course on customer care skills to enable service teams to deliver excellence in any customer care role.
  • Telephone Skills Training – A course focused on essential telephone skills for anyone who needs to interact by phone.
  • Credit Control Training – A study of dealing with debtors and payments while maintaining good customer relations.
  • Debt Collection – A course recommended for anyone who manages accounts or debt collection.
  • Receptionist Skills – A course for staff members who are the first point of contact with clients or customers.
  • Time Management – A study of effective time management for day-to-day activities.
  • Call Centre Training – A study of the essential skills needed for dealing with customers through a call center.
  • Customer Relationship Management – A study of the importance of managing customer relationships.
  • Customer Service and Complaint Handling – A study of the essential skills necessary for dealing with customers.
  • International Customer Service Training – A course that provides the tools for consistently high-quality customer experiences when dealing with international customers over the phone.

Studying Customer Care, Relations & Services in college

Courses in Customer Care cover a wide range of the skills and service knowledge needed for any role in Customer Service in all industries.

You can choose a course that runs over 1 day or a few weeks or even more in-depth programmes that may cover 3-4 years. Courses are available part-time or full time and there are also many online and night courses to choose from.

Customer Relations courses are theoretical with a lot of theory and knowledge bases to cover but there may also be practical elements and discussions that involve role-play to have interactive experiences to learn from. You will be evaluated through written assessments and examinations and you may have presentations and project work, either in groups or individual study.

Career options

Working in customer service can be an extremely rewarding profession if you enjoy helping people working with people. It is essential to be a people person as you will spend your day trying to ensure your company’s customers are happy with the products they purchase and the level of customer service they receive. Depending on the role, you will be speaking to people by phone or face-to-face.

The work hours will depend largely on the industry you work in, for instance, if you work in the financial sector it is likely that you will work traditional office hours but if you work in retail or hospitality you may work shifts and work over the weekend or after hours.

If you work in a call center or an office, your role typically involves remaining at your desk and speaking to customers over the phone. In the retail sector, the work could involve face-to-face meetings with customers, so you will be on your feet a lot of the time and seldom will have your desk.

The professional skills you develop in the customer relations field can be applied to any career you pursue in any industry. 

Related jobs include:

  • Call Centre Agent
  • Concierge
  • Client Relations Associate
  • Client Services Coordinator
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Front Desk or Reception

Further study

A course in Customer Care is the first step to go on to further postgraduate study often involving specialization in particular fields and areas of Customer Service such as Hospitality and Tourism, Banking or Retail and Merchandise.


What are the most important qualities of customer service?

Commonly referred to as the 3 “P’s” of Customer Service – Professionalism, Patience, and People are the most important qualities for anyone working in the customer service industry. This industry is all about People and the way that they are treated and how they are made to feel through their experiences dealing with businesses.

What is great customer service?

Knowing the product or service that you are selling is an essential customer service skill so that you are fully able to help customers with any questions or issues they may have.

A positive attitude goes a long way in providing excellent customer service; the right attitude can change a negative customer experience into a positive one.

Finding a solution to any problem, customers appreciate a business that will go above and beyond to help someone in need.

People value their time and hate having to wait or being kept on hold. Responding quickly and staying in touch, even if it is just to tell the customer that you are still looking into it, really make customers feel like you have an interest in them and leaves them with a great impression.

Customers like to feel like you know who they are and want to help them, personalizing your service by remembering their name or their preference and adding a personal touch make all the difference.

Paying attention to customer feedback and making changes to your service or product is something that customers appreciate and will pay attention to when they are next shopping for that product or similar items.

Where can I study Customer Care, Relations & Services?

Explore your options here

Did You Know?

· It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

· 62% of global consumers have stopped doing business with a brand or organization due to a poor customer service experience

· It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.

· Customers expect businesses to respond to their emails within 1-6 hours.

· The #1 reason people dislike calling companies is not being able to speak to a real person right away.


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