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Dunboyne College of Further Education

Dunboyne Business Park, Dunboyne, Dunboyne, Meath, Ireland

In Dunboyne College of Further Education we provide a range of accredited courses. Whether you want to be a nurse, teacher, scientist, sports coach, web designer, accountant, sound engineer, artist etc. we have a course that will start you on your way. We offer practical training, giving you useful, adaptable skills.

Dunboyne College has built an excellent reputation over the past decade by providing education and training programmes of the highest quality. Our college staff are a highly motivated and dedicated team, and we have worked to ensure that course developments match student requirements and industry trends through continuous innovation.

Our location just outside Dublin along accessible bus and train routes makes us a great choice for anyone looking to further their education and their skills.

Why Study at Dunboyne College of Further Education?

  • We are a rapidly expanding college ideally located to serve the Meath, Dublin and Kildare and wider areas in close proximity to two national universities and an institute of technology.
  • We have close links with all three institutions and many of our students progress to certificate and degree courses on their third level programmes.
  • We continue to develop close links with many other Irish colleges and universities.
  • Excellent results achieved by learners. Over 90% of those who achieve a full award with us get offers and progress to third level.
  • Our courses are constantly being revised to ensure that they meet the needs of students in terms of personal development and job opportunities.
  • We have a dedicated staff who are highly qualified in their fields, concerned for learner welfare and interested in seeing students progress.
  • Courses are designed to enhance your career prospects, with strong links to local business/industry/commerce.
  • Progression opportunities to a wide variety of third level courses at institutions across the country through the Higher Education Links Scheme.
  • We have links with partner colleges in the UK which give learners opportunities to complete their degree in nursing, law, sports science and many other areas if a place cannot be accessed in Ireland.
  • Learners of all ages catered for and our track record in supporting mature applicants with the transition involved in returning to study is very strong.
  • Our college has a friendly atmosphere, with relatively small class groups providing a unique learning experience.
  • Guidance Counsellor service is available to support you in your learning and future career choices or progression to further studies.
  • We have a full disability and access service.
  • Students can apply for Maintenance Grants and anyone in receipt of social welfare payments can avail of financial assistance through the VTOS or Return to Education programmes.
  • Most of all our Quality Assured courses leading to nationally and internationally recognised certification.
Pre-Primary or Pre-Secondary Teaching

Thisone-yearcourse,similartoourotherartsprogramme,aimstoprepare participants for entrance into Arts programmes in Irish universities and colleges but also lay foundations for those who want to pursue a career as either a primary or secondary teacher.While the course alsoprepares studentsforentrytoemploymentinarangeofsettings,itismainlyaimed atthosewhowanttopursuecareersintheeducationandtrainingarena. Byprogressingtoanartsdegreeoreducationandtrainingqualification, and then on to a post graduate qualification, students can access the many opportunities in the world of…

Online Marketing/eBusiness

Thisone-yearcourseisanidealentrylevel qualificationforallaspectsof the growing online marketing sector in Ireland. This online marketing programmeallowsstudentstoappreciatetheopportunitiespresentedby theweb andeBusinesstosuccessfullymarketproductsandservices.You might want to design a new website, manage a company’s content for socialmedia,orcreateanadvertorcampaign.Youwilldevelopabroad rangeofpracticalweb andsocialmediatechnologyskillsandadetailed understanding of digitalmarketing.

Pre-University Sports and Food Science

This new one-year course will prepare students for the ever-expanding worldofqualityfoodproductionaswellaslinkingthecoursetoasports industry that is quickly embracing the world of nutrition and dietetics. Food scientists and sports nutritionists play a role in all aspects of the foodchain,fromproductionatfarm level totheretailer,totheconsumer. Thiscoursewilldevelopthestudents’knowledgeofnutrition,dietetics, aswellasfoodproduction,development,preparation,safehandlingand marketing.Bychangingtheircombinationofmodules,studentscanavail of the science award with some coaching modules and sports anatomy and then continue…

Nutrition, Health and Well-being

This one-year course will aim to prepare participants for work with peopleinhealthcaresettings,hospitals,respitecarefacilities,socialcare, communitydevelopmentorresidentialsettingwherenutritional,general health or mental health support is required. The nutritional advisor/ healthcare worker needs the social, communication and caring skills to workwithindividualsandgroups.Nutrition,healthandwell-beingwill layafoundationfortheseskillsandprovidetheworkexperiencetoput learning into practice. This programme is ideal for both school leavers andexperiencedmaturepersonsseekingaformaleducation.Theaimof the course is to provide the skills necessary…