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Bachelor of Business in International Marketing & Sales with French/German/Spanish

Bachelor of Business in International Marketing & Sales with French/German/Spanish; ; What’s it all about?; ; This programme is designed to appeal to those who have a real interest in the world of International Business and Marketing, and who would like to work in a cosmopolitan, multilingual environment, whether in Ireland or overseas. The programme caters to those who already have a knowledge of French, German or Spanish – typically Leaving Certificate – and who wish to develop their linguistic skills to a high level of proficiency. If you are attracted both by language studies and by business and marketing subjects, this is the programme for you.; ; The early Semesters of this Degree Programme (1-4) offer you a thorough grounding in Business and Marketing subjects where you can begin to identify the particular areas of Business which appeal to you. You will also study your chosen language as a key subject during these Semesters. At the end of Semester 4, you will have the opportunity to reflect whether you still wish to pursue with study abroad or to re-orient your studies completely towards Business, Marketing and / or Sales.; ; Semesters 5 and 6 of this programme are spent in the European country of your choice – France, Spain or Germany – where you will take all or part of your course through your chosen language. During these Semesters you will attend a European Partner Institute of IT Sligo. The Semesters spent in study abroad are what differentiates this programme from all other Business programmes. It allows students to develop their language skills to a high level, to build international links and personal friendships, to engage with new cultures, and to learn about the Business Environment in other EU member States. It is also an exciting and fulfilling year personally for you.; ; The final Semesters (7 and 8) allow you to combine your learning and international experience to prepare you for working in a multinational and / or multicultural environment. The programme aims to train graduates who are highly skilled, flexible, adventurous and good communicators. It prepares graduates to be independent thinkers, to be willing to engage with other cultures, and to understand and enjoy the many opportunities which conducting business internationally can provide.; ; The successful graduate from this Programme will have mastered a unique blend of Business, Marketing, Language, Communication and Cultural skills which are highly valued in today’s global Business environment.; ; How long does it take?; ; 4 years or 8 Semesters full time, with 1 year (2 Semesters) spent abroad at one of IT Sligo’s European Partner Institutions.; ; What you’ll study?; ; Languages (Spanish, German, French) Contemporary Marketing Practice, Marketing Communications, Dramaturgy, Market Research, Public Relations, Sales, Buyer Behaviour, Global Business Environment, Business & Marketing Law, Business Management.

CollegeInstitute of Technology Sligo
Course LocationSligo
Course CategoryMarketing, Business
Course TypeClassroom Based
Course QualificationOrdinary Bachelor Degree
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