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Priory Institute

St Marys, Tallaght Village, Dublin, Ireland

The Priory Institute is an accredited centre for theological, biblical and philosophical studies, operated by the Irish Province of the Dominican Order. 

The Priory Institute offers student opportunities to engage with the deeper questions about life and its meaning. Students may choose to study at a serious academic level for a degree or, alternatively, they may decide to work at their own pace without seeking academic credit and the pressure of essays, examinations and other deadlines. In our courses, students consider the meaning of religious faith and many of the challenging ethical issues that confront human beings in today’s world. They also explore why and how God interacts with the world, the understanding of God that is presented in the Bible and the relationships between the different world religions. We aim to facilitate the needs of individual students.

Our courses are affordable and are internationally recognised. Their delivery is supported by dedicated staff who help students achieve the various learning outcomes successfully and to benefit personally and spiritually from their studies.


Our courses are aimed at those who wish to study their Christian faith at an academic level with the intention of deepening their understanding of the central themes in Christian theology as it is done in the 800-year old Dominican tradition. We offer a selection of undergraduate courses that are comprised of variations of the same seventeen modules. Successful completion of all seventeen modules entitles you to the BA (Hons) in Theology award.


  • Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

Further Education

If you are interested in faith formation courses that do not require you to submit an academic essay and / or sit an exam, the Institute’s Further Education courses may be just right for you. At the beginning you will be given access to your module texts. Throughout the fifteen week semester, you will be required to keep a journal of reflective exercises, which can be handwritten or typed. The semester concludes with you submitting your journal of exercises.


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Priory Institute
St Marys
Tallaght Village, Dublin
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