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Bachelor of Arts in Social Care Practice

Bachelor of Arts in Social Care Practice; ; ; ; Course Summary:; Ireland, among other countries, continues to face many social challenges, do you want to work to address and respond to these challenges? Are you interested in the future of our society and those who live within it? A career in social care practice is challenging and also uniquely rewarding – you can make a real difference!; ; Throughout this Honours Degree programme, you will be involved in questioning how societies work and how people relate to one another. You will develop skills, proficiencies and competencies to support you to become a professional social care practitioner.; ; You will explore fields such as psychology, sociology and law that will allow you to critically understand the social world around you and how to apply this to social care professional practice.; ; Key Learning Opportunities:A thorough understanding of key social sciences such as sociology, law, psychology, and social policy; Creativity and communication; Ability to apply ethical and legal principles to complex situations; Ability to reflect on your own knowledge and understanding; Research and analysis; Professional practice

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