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Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Care and Education

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Care and Education; ; ; ; The early years and experiences of a child’s life are fundamentally important for them in the here and now and can help shape their future. This honours degree programme will equip you, the early childhood educator, with a comprehensive knowledge base of all factors influencing children in contemporary society including play, society, the family, diversity, creative studies (drama, music, art, dance, puppet making), children’s literature, sociology, psychology, primary education, social policy and law which you will use to improve the life outcomes and opportunities of children.; ; The programme is structured to allow you gain a holistic perspective of the diverse aspects of a child’s life; the influence of family, society, policy, and the government and how they are intertwined together within the everyday life of the child.; ; Your studies in year one support your transition to higher education, whilst also providing key knowledge within the fields of policy, sociology, education, care, law and psychology. This is developed and enhanced as you progress through your programme with key core modules and the inclusion of elective modules where you can decide on what direction you would like to develop greater understanding.; ; This firm academic foundation is cemented by two practice placements which provide essential opportunities to link theory to practice under the supervision of a proficient practitioner.; ; You complete your programme with opportunities to complete research, but also choose subjects that align with your future career aspirations.

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