Course Description

B.Sc. Applied Psychology


Interactions in work and everyday life are complex – determined by thoughts, feelings and actions. Every day we have to make decisions, motivate ourselves, and interact with others in various situations. Explore the intricate dynamics of human interactions in both work and daily life through IU International University of Applied Sciences’ Bachelor in Applied Psychology (B.Sc.).

While the classical study of psychology is more scientifically empirical, studying applied psychology enables you to take a practical direction in one of the fields of psychology. Unlike traditional psychology studies, applied psychology courses take a hands-on approach, preparing you to become an expert in fields such as business, health, media, and communication psychology. Bridge the gap between theory and practice in the world of psychology as you pursue your Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology.

CollegeIU International University of Applied Sciences
Course CategoryPsychology Courses, Healthcare & Medicine
Course TypeOnline Learning
Course QualificationOrdinary Bachelor Degree
Awarding BodyState Accredited (FIBAA)
Course DurationFull Time: 36 months, Part-Time one: 48 months, Part-Time two: 72 months
Course Fee€9324
Entry Requirements"Academic Requirements: - General or subject-related secondary school diploma (or equivalent). - Don’t have a secondary school diploma? Get in touch with our Study Advisory Team. English Level: - Proof of English skills. - If English is your native language or you graduated from an English-speaking school/university, you do not have to prove your English skills."
Carear PathWith your B.Sc. Applied Psychology degree, you can expect versatile tasks in media, user research, in the area of health promotion, in organisational development and consulting, in personnel recruitment as well as in all communication areas where a psychological background is required.
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