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Are you a good leader? Organized? Do you have a desire to deliver facilities and services to those who use leisure centers and facilities? If you’ve ticked all the boxes so far there is a good chance you’re on the right track! We have some information below to help you on your journey to your ideal career in Leisure Management 

What is leisure management?

Leisure management is the management and delivery of leisure services by understanding the importance of leisure programs and facilities to both stakeholder and the wider community. 

What third level courses are available?

Universities and college in Ireland are offering course in the following areas:

  • Hotel and Leisure Management 
  • Recreation and Leisure Management 
  • Sport and Leisure Management 
  • Leisure Management (PLC)
  • Leisure Facility Management /Personal Trainer (PLC)

Studying leisure management in college 

Courses in this area will generally be 3-4 years. There are both undergraduate degrees and PLCs available in universities and colleges around Ireland. Specific course content will differ from course to course but in general you will gain a strong foundation in leisure management. 

PLC courses will usually be 1 year and give you a general introduction and understanding of leisure management in order to prepare you for an undergraduate degree should it interest you. 

In your first year of an undergraduate degree you will gain a similar introduction and basic foundation and the basics of what is involved in the role and management. In your opening year, course content might range from modules in swimming and creative play, beverage studies and health and wellness to anatomy and physiology. 

In your second year of your degree, the content will normally be a little more in-depth and you will begin to look at different elements such as the marketing side and business side of being a leisure manager. Areas may include looking at computer applications, becoming familiar with certain software and accounting as well as looking at topics that may include accommodation, outdoor recreation and so on. Depending if your course is three or four years, you will usually do work placement in your second last year. 

Your final year of your course will place a strong emphasis on reinforcing core management understanding and developing advanced skills to work in the field of leisure and in the hospitality industry. 

Career options

Leisure management is an important part of the hospitality industry and often courses in this area combine with content and modules in relation to hotel management and sports management. This offers the opportunity to take you career in and of those areas as they are all closely linked. 

Degrees like this might also offer the opportunity to travel and work in hotels and leisure centres worldwide. An undergraduate degree also opens the door for the student to advance their education and study at a postgraduate level to specialise in a particular area.

There are a number of skills and qualities that are necessary in the role of a leisure manager. Theses include  excellent communication skills, leadership skills, confidence, ability to delegate work and give clear instructions, the ability to work well with others, time management skills, organization skills, attention to detail and the ability to motivate others and remain calm under pressure. 

Related Jobs

  • Leisure centre manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Spa manager
  • Personal trainer
  • Coach
  • Food and Beverage manager
  • Hospitality marketing
  • Hospitality and tourism roles 

Further Study

Many people want to specialise in a specific areas at a master’s level. 

Visit postgrad.ie for more information.


Different courses and different colleges will have different entry requirements. It’s always safest to check with the individual higher education institution which is available on their websites. As a general rule Leaving Cert students should have a minimum of six subjects which should

include: Two H5 (Higher Level) grades and Four O6 (Ordinary Level) grades or four H7 (Higher Level) grades. Subjects must include Mathematics, Irish or another language, and English. 

The highest points in 2020 for a course in this field reached 317 points to study Sports and Leisure Management in TU Dublin in 2020. Recreation and Leisure Management in Cork Institute of Technology was 298 while Hotel and Leisure Management in Athlone Institute of Technology was 208 points. 

Where can I study?

For other courses in the area you would like to explore, you can do so here.

Did you know?

  • Adults should be active for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week
  • A high number of Irish adults do not meet the recommended levels of physical activity
  • Regular exercise is linked to longer life expectancy 



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