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Going to the Registration (or Orientation) Week at your college is the best way of ensuring that you’ll find out all the ins and outs that you need to know straight away. Whether it’s directions to the library or how much a pint of the cheapest beer costs in the student bar you’re sure to find out all the details that are essential to you. This period of induction usually runs the week before the beginning of classes; there are generally allocated days for your specific course. Although many colleges now provide the option of registering online; attending in person is recommended. If you go along you are likely to receive a tour of the campus; giving you an invaluable start to your third level career. Starting college can be a daunting and intimidating time so this is the best opportunity to get your basic queries put to bed.

For example, most college libraries can appear maze-like if you’re not aware of the separate sections that the books are allocated into. The catalogue systems can differ from library to library so it is important that you familiarise yourself with yours ASAP to save time and confusion when you’re tearing out your hair in an attempt to find out who said that thing that time for your essay that was meant to be in yesterday…

When you register you will receive your student card. This is a very important piece of equipment in your college career; not only because it will contain your student number, ID for exams but also as it will get you discounts at the cinema!Registration week is also the time that you will find out about all of the different services and facilities you are entitled to use. For example some third level institutions have on campus health care, sports facilities and social clubs; knowing when and where they are provided will mean that you will get the best possible experience out of what’s available. So ignore your lazy peers who insist that college isn’t really starting until the next week…take our advice and show up for registration week and then smile condescendingly at them when you find them eating their lunch in the toilet cos they don’t know where the canteen is…. is a national database of universities, colleges, institutes and providers of third level and PLC courses in Ireland. We operate a national search database of courses at certificate, diploma and degree level as well as providing information about career paths and directions.
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