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Science Week 2019 runs nationwide from November 10th – 17th. All Maynooth University Science Week events are open to the public.

Maynooth University Science Week Line Up

Tuesday 12th | “The Bit Player”, a film by Mark A. Levinson

“The Bit Player”
19.00 | Iontas Theatre, Iontas Building, Maynooth University
A trailer and more information on the film are available here.

Maynooth University Department of Mathematics and Statistics have special permission to show “The Bit Player”, a film by Mark A. Levinson, which tells the story of Shannon and his discoveries.

Wednesday 13th | 150 Year celebration of the Periodic Table

Visit Maynooth for a celebration of the 150th year of the Periodic Table!
10.00 – 11.30 | Callan Building: Lecture Hall CB8
Booking required. For more information on this event please see the event page.

Maynooth University are celebrating the Periodic Table, at 150 years old it’s still the most recognisable thing in Chemistry if not in all of Science. Come along to hear some fun and surprising facts about our favourite elements and to witness some memorable demonstrations.

Dr Denise Rooney and Prof Frances Heaney are teaching and research colleagues in the Chemistry Department in Maynooth University.
On the day, you will be met at the designated arrival point by University Student Ambassadors who will accompany you to the lecture venue. After the talk and Campus tour you will be accompanied back to the same point by volunteers. If you are travelling by bus, parking for the bus will be provided.

Thursday 14th |In conversation with Des Traynor

A Conversation with Des Traynor ’03, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Intercom

18.00 | Eolas Foyer

Register here.

So how does a Maynooth grad create a home-grown billion-dollar tech “unicorn”?

There is a special Maynooth Alumni ‘In Conversation’ evening on Thursday, 14th November, when Des Traynor (BSc 2003) reflects on his journey from MU to Silicon Valley. After co-founding tech company Intercom with fellow MU alumnus David Barrett ‘03 (and two others), Des has elevated the industry-disruptor messaging platform to unicorn status, becoming one of only 200 start-ups worldwide to be valued at more than $1billion.

Delving into that journey, Des’s MU Computer Science grounding, and everything in between will be fellow Maynooth grad Andrew Parish (BSc 1991), a self-confessed entrepreneur, founder, CEO, investor, board member and business mentor.
If you’ve an entrepreneurial streak, are interested in the future of tech for business, where your CS, Engineering or Business degree might take you—or are just plain curious about the global ascent of Intercom, this evening is for you.

Friday 15th | The Cosmic Web Seminar

The Cosmic Web Seminar: The lecture focusing on the large scale structure of the Universe!
10.00 – 11.30 | John Hume Lecture Theatre 3
Booking is required. For more information on booking please visit the event site.

How can we map the distribution of galaxies over thousands of millions of light years? What does the Universe look like on these scales? How did get to look like that? And how do we know?This talk will explain how astronomers and cosmologists have come together over the past couple of decades to make huge surveys of the Universe, revealing the existence of a complex but beautiful `Cosmic Web’ with vast chains of galaxies strung out around immense dark voids. These observational breakthroughs have been mirrored by advances in theory and computer simulation that allow us to understand how this amazing structure was born 14 billion years ago in the Big Bang and has been growing and evolving ever since.Free and open to TY, 5th and 6th year students, this talk will be of particular interest in those interested astronomy, space, physics and the Universe itself!

Friday 15th | Science Night, Open Labs for all the Family 18.30 – 20.30pm

  • Chemistry & Experimental Physics – in the Science Building
  • Biology – in the Callan Building
  • Robot Soccer – in the Library.

Demonstrations in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Psychology and Maths & Statistics will take place in the Library Foyer.

Friday 15th | When is the Day After Tomorrow?

When is the Day After Tomorrow? – An introduction to tipping points in the climate system
19.30 – 20.30pm | CB8, Callan Building, Maynooth University, North Campus
This event is open to general public.

15 years ago film director Roland Emmerich released his fictional disaster film The Day After Tomorrow. The movie shows the effects of an abrupt climate change, namely the shut down or “tipping” of the Atlantic Ocean circulation, commonly known as Gulf Stream system, including e.g. cooling of the entire Northern Hemisphere, flooding of Manhattan and severe storms.

Even though most of the movie scenario is unrealistic and exaggerated, there is some truth behind it. The Atlantic Ocean circulation transports massive amounts of heat into the North Atlantic region and a severe slowdown would affect the whole Northern Hemisphere. Climate models predict that the currents will weaken under global warming and recent studies suggest that this weakening has already started.

This talk gives an introduction to tipping elements/points in the climate system and whether and if so, why we should care about them.

Friday 15th | National Science and Ecclesiology Museum Open Night

18.30 – 20.30pm | St. Patrick’s College

Read more about these events online here.


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