Diploma In Crystal Therapy at Atlantis Institute

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The Diploma In Crystal Therapy at Atlantis Institute is a great learning journey into the world of Crystals and how Crystals, through their own growth process, can mirror our human existence and offer healing in ways we never thought possible.

Diploma In Crystal Therapy at Atlantis Institute

The course will give you insights into how Crystals and their energy can Heal the human anatomy physically, emotionally and ethereally. This course will allow you to engage with the energy of the Crystal and therefore bring that energy forth to help with the healing process. This course explores why our energy system can become blocked and methods to clear those blocks, and a full understanding of the function of the Aura and Chakra systems and how they interact with the physical and emotional self.

Our courses are online learning and can be conducted either by self-learning or tutor or tutor assisted.

All courses are fully accredited.

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Discover Internationally Accredited Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy and Aura and Chakra Anatomy Courses.

Learn to become a great Holistic Therapist by studying one of these Internationally Accredited Courses. Atlantis provides courses in Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy and Aura and Chakra Anatomy. Their commitment is to you, the student. Their focus is to provide you with a fully supported and interactive experience. Here you will learn with guidance and help.

Atlantis courses evolve, meaning that the course content which they facilitated 10 years ago, has grown and evolved over the years, as students present their own insights and value, this, in turn, allows us to grow organically.

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