Calculated Grades Appeals Process Concluded

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The 2020 Leaving Certificate (Calculated Grades) appeals process has concluded and the appeal outcomes were made available to students on Friday 16 October through the Calculated Grades Student Portal.

In the processing of the appeals, the Calculated grades Executive Office reviewed a total of 33,301 individual subject records belonging to 12,216 students. This number excludes students who initially entered for an appeal but later withdrew their application.

Calculated Grades Appeals Process Concluded

As a result of the process, according to the Department of Education and Skills ,a total of 18 increased grades have been awarded to 18 individual students. Eleven of these were upgrades following an appeal by the student. A further seven grades were upgraded following quality assurance checks as part of the appeals process which involved checks on the documentation submitted by schools; the entry of that data on to the schools’ data collection system; and the subsequent transmission of the data through the various IT systems used in the generation of calculated grades.

The low number of grade changes arising from the appeals process reflects the professionalism with which schools approached the in-school phase of the system of calculated grades which was seen in the quality of the data submitted initially by schools.

The appeals process was a process review, focused on looking for errors in the transmission and processing of the data. An example of this would be whether any mistake has been made in entering a student’s information into any of the systems used in the process. The process did not allow students to appeal the estimated percentage mark or rank order provided by the school. Due to the nature of the model the professional judgement of the school was outside of the appeals process. The design of the statistical model and the application of the national standardisation process was also outside of the scope of the appeals process.

Students whose grades have been upgraded will be contacted directly by the Calculated Grades office this afternoon.

An updated file was provided to the CAO. They are processing the information and higher education institutions were informed of potential offers. Candidates who are eligible for a new offer as a result of the upgraded mark received should be contacted as soon as possible.

This completes stages one and two of the appeals process.

Students unhappy with the outcome of the above process can invoke a separate process to have their appeal reviewed by independent Appeals Scrutineers. These scrutineers are independent of the Department of Education and Skills. The independent Appeals Scrutineers will check to ensure the correct procedures were followed throughout the appeals process. The scrutineers will have access to the records and documentation considered at Stages 1 and 2.

It is important to note that the appeals process is not connected with the discovery of errors in the Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades process.

Following an announcement by the Minister for Education on this matter, on Saturday 3 October, revised grades were issued to 6,100 Leaving Certificate students in 6870 subjects. In addition, four Leaving Certificate Applied students received a programme level upgrade following the correction of these errors. This had no bearing on the Leaving Certificate Calculated Grades appeals process.

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