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Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)

DIT Admissions Office, 143 - 149 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

At Dublin Institute of Technology, innovation is our tradition.

DIT has produced generations of leaders in a range of fields from business; law; social sciences; tourism and hospitality; the creative and visual arts to engineering and the built environment. Our lively City-Centre campuses, including our new research and innovation hub at Grangegorman, are home to more than 20,000 students from Ireland and abroad, creating a culturally diverse and stimulating learning and research environment.

Distinctive teaching and research approach

A comprehensive, dual-sector doctoral-awarding institution, DIT combines the academic excellence of a traditional university with professional, career-oriented learning, preparing graduates for productive leadership roles. The core values reflected in its mission emphasize student-centered learning, useful knowledge, rigorous processes of discovery and critical enquiry, and support for entrepreneurship and diversity.

DIT undertakes research that is nationally relevant, internationally competitive and strategically important. It is strongly focused on problem-solving,  and on social and technological development and innovation that advances human knowledge and makes a real impact on people’s life experience. Research is conducted through two research institutes – Focas, which concentrates on new materials and technologies and the Environmental Sustainability and Health Institute (ESHI) – and in 16 designated centres organised around strengths in food and health sciences; social, economic and business development; environmental sustainability; information and communication technologies; and creative arts and media.

Close engagement locally and globally with society and the economy, and collaborative links with a range of world-class companies and academic institutions internationally are essential components in everything DIT does. In addition to bilateral institutional links, DIT participates as a full member of the European University Association (EUA) and the International Association of Universities (IAU).

DIT community

There are 20,000 students registered in DIT, and over 2000 members of staff.  Nearly 20% of the student body comes from outside Ireland, creating a culturally diverse and stimulating teaching and research environment.  A community of over 800 student and staff researchers are engaged in addressing 21st-century challenges, ensuring that DIT plays a vital role in Ireland’s transition to a smart society.  Academics and students are committed to making a significant contribution to international knowledge and enhancing Dublin’s role as Ireland’s global gateway.


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Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
DIT Admissions Office
143 - 149 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin
Republic of Ireland
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