Tyndall Lecture: Adventures in the Solar System, Prof. Caitriona Jackman

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The Tyndall Lecture is aimed at secondary school students with an interest in science, physics and astronomy. This year’s lecture is Adventures in the Solar System, from Prof. Caitriona Jackman.

This talk will bring attendees on an adventure through the solar system, with particular focus on spacecraft exploration of the gas giant planets Jupiter and Saturn.

Tyndall Lecture: Adventures in the Solar System, Prof. Caitriona Jackman

The talk is perfect for secondary school students with an interest in physics, Ty students and junior cycle students and will be relevant to several learning outcomes for Junior Cycle Earth and Space.

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Professor Caitriona Jackman is a Senior Professor at the Dublin Institute for Advance Studies.

“I will show how the science and maths that you learn in school is used for every aspect of space science: from how we launch and direct spacecraft, to how we measure the length of a day on gas giant planets, to how we quantify the energy that goes into producing the dynamic northern and southern lights. I will give insights from 20 years of planetary studies into the characteristics that make a good scientist: bravery, curiosity, and perseverance. I will show a gallery of stunning images and data from missions like NASA/ESA/ASI Cassini at Saturn and NASA Juno at Jupiter and aim to spark curiosity about future exploration of our beautiful and diverse solar system.”

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